Are we really going to let David Beckham's dog and her Dh22,000 blanket upset us?

One of the world's most famous families have nice things, even for their pets

Victoria Beckham shared this image of her dog Olive sleeping with husband David.  Victoria Beckham / Instagram 
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She has 70,000 Instagram followers, designer accessories and is part of one of the world’s most famous families – it’s official, people are actually jealous of David and Victoria Beckham's family dog.

But now four-year-old cocker spaniel Olive is the latest social media star at the centre of controversy, after she was pictured taking a nap on David's chest wrapped up in a Dh21,700 Louis Vuitton blanket.

This was, apparently, enough to enrage a pocket of the internet, who struggled to accept that a) the Beckhams (worth Dh1.1 billion collectively) would have nice things, and b) they would let those nice things near their dog.

Victoria Beckham posted the picture of the pair's Sunday afternoon nap, and on came the comments slating the family.

“That blanket is worth more than I need for a house deposit” said one user, while others added “such a pretentious post” and “there are poor everywhere”.

One of the comments left on the picture. Instagram 
One of the comments left on the picture. Instagram 

Many, many people also pointed out that their dogs slept on cheap blankets that they wouldn’t mind getting ruined, and they would never let their dogs near something that expensive. Of course, most people wouldn't even own a designer blanket to begin with, but the Beckhams are not most people.

It’s also highly likely that the blanket in question, a Louis Vuitton collaboration with streetwear brand Supreme, was gifted to the Beckhams and is not actually used as a dog blanket, but was just placed over Olive – and David – while they had a Sunday afternoon snooze. The horror.

One of the pleasures of Instagram is the fact that it lets us into the lives of the celebrities we follow, and, I don’t know about you, but I hardly expected my insight into the Beckhams' lives to be filled with anything less than Louis Vuitton dog blankets. In fact, I’d almost be disappointed if it wasn’t.


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