A giant live version of 'Cluedo' is coming to the UAE

Participants will be tasked with solving a murder by following the clues left around Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Teams of up to six people (dogs included) will need to solve the mystery during a giant live 'Cluedo' game in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Courtesy Cluedo
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Do you have what it takes to be a great detective? Well, now you have the chance to prove you would, as a giant live version of the board game Cluedo is coming to the UAE.

The event is presented by CluedUpp and will transport participants to 1960s London for “The Latest Krays”, in which a team of wannabe sleuths will compete to solve the double murder of the Kray twins. There will be two opportunities to participate in the game: on Saturday, December 7 in Dubai and Saturday, December 14 in Abu Dhabi.

The game has 18 suspects, 20 witnesses and five possible weapons. Teams of up to six people will have to solve the mystery. The game is entirely self-guided, although participants can access a special app, so a smartphone is necessary.

In order to play, teams must solve clues, which have been left around the city, using the app. The game will unfold virtually and starts at a secret location. It can last anywhere between one and four hours, with the average team taking about two hours and 20 minutes to solve the crime.

Those interested in joining in need to sign up via the website soon, as there are only eight tickets remaining for the Dubai event and five tickets left for Abu Dhabi. One ticket extends to a maximum of six people. Children under the age of 16 can play as an extra for free, but the game isn't designed for kids to solve alone.

There will be prizes for the best detective and other categories such as fastest team, best fancy dress (following the 1960s theme), best team picture, best team name, best little detective (for children) and best K-9 detective (for dogs).

CluedUpp is an independent British games studio that hosts events around the world, including locations as far and wide as the US, Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. Games are run in English.

Saturday, December 7 in Dubai and December 14 in Abu Dhabi, starting from 10am-1pm, Dh172, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, www.cluedupp.com