Why dancers in giant gorilla costumes in Egypt are going viral

Hazem Tarek enjoys putting on an entertaining show

Gorilla costume dancers go viral in Egypt

Gorilla costume dancers go viral in Egypt
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When Hazem Tarek puts on his costume, all eyes are on him.

The teenager from Egypt, 18, dons a giant gorilla suit when he dances at weddings or birthday parties. He can also be found entertaining at new restaurant or shop openings. Clips of him performing have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram.

“Without the gorilla suit, you are a normal person. But as soon as I put on the gorilla suit, I feel like an entirely different person,” Tarek tells The National.

He adds: “Wearing the gorilla suit is difficult because it is heavy. The movement inside it is difficult.”


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Despite the heaviness, his movement seamless. At times it looks like he’s gliding on air.

Tarek says it’s important to make a strong entrance, when most people will have their eyes on him. It helps create a “really great buzz” for the rest of his performance.

“We will dance and jump around, bringing joy to people and children,” he says. “When I find around 100 people wanting to take pictures with me, it feels really wonderful. I feel like I am a very famous person.”

Saeed Khalaf, a party planner, says it initially went viral because people found it bulky and scary. However, he says this is now what appears to be the most popular aspect of the clips.

“Egyptians always pay attention to huge objects, we are attracted to this,” Khalaf says.

As for Tarek, he continues to perform in the costume for one simple reason. “When I see people happy, I just feel happy,” he says.

Updated: April 27, 2024, 2:00 PM