Families take the plunge in annual Swim for Clean Seas in Abu Dhabi

Founded in 2018, the initiative aims to raise awareness about ocean pollution

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Dozens took to a beach on Saadiyat Island on Sunday morning to participate in the annual Swim for Clean Seas.

From seasoned swimmers to casual beachgoers, Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort was inundated with ocean-loving folks for the charity event raising awareness about the harmful effects of ocean pollution.

The event was open to swimmers aged eight and above, with several swim laps for different levels. The shorter one was a 200-meter splash and dash, while the longest distance covered 3,200 metres for the more advanced swimmers.

Retired swimmer and Olympian Sarra Lajnef, who has represented Tunisia and the UAE in international competitions, joined the crowd as the ambassador of the charity organisation.

“We are all responsible for the state of our seas and oceans and we can all make a difference from our humble positions,” she said before the event.

“No action is small and understanding the current situation is very important for the future generations to take on the torch and continue the work.”

Founded in 2018 by siblings Felicia and Almer Agmyren, the initiative was born from their own love of swimming. The duo love going on long-distance swims and have witnessed first-hand the extent of pollution in open seas.

“We believe bringing the community together has a far greater impact and reach than we could ever imagine in helping keep our seas clean and to make them even cleaner,” said Felicia.

“What better way to pay tribute to what clean seas feel like than to actually get in there and swim – regardless of distance and ability. Showing up to learn and do more is already half the battle won.”

Sea swimming aside, activities taking place along the shores of Saadiyat Beach included an exhibit of educations works related to plastic waste by the group's newly appointed student ambassadors.

The organisation also teamed up with The Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Centre for the first time. They organised educational games themed around marine life conservation.

Updated: April 21, 2024, 8:47 AM