Hilton in Ras Al Khaimah makes chocolate replica of Dubai's Museum of the Future

A chef duo spent four days on the piece to make sure it was ready in time for World Chocolate Day

The replica is on display at the hotel's main restaurant. Photo: Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort
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Aside from rolling out promotions, World Chocolate Day is a chance for chocolatiers and confectioners to show off their talent in carving decadent cocoa sculptures.

On Friday, Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort unveiled a chocolate replica of one of the most famous landmarks in the UAE: the Museum of the Future.

About 45kg of chocolate was used to sculpt the replica, led by the hotel's chocolatiers Subrata Kha and Waseem Khan.

In a clip shared on the Hilton's Instagram page, the chefs can be seen carrying out the entire process, from sketching the designs to moulding the edible creation.

“With its iconic stature and artistic magnificence, the museum stood as a beacon of inspiration for our chefs, who sought to capture its enchantment and recreate it in the form of chocolate art,” Arthur Timlin, the hotel's director of operations, tells The National.

The chefs took four days to complete the work, which features the oval structure of the museum and its distinct Arabic calligraphy motif, as well as a base that looks like green grass.

“It is such an iconic building, we wanted to make sure that we did the design justice so the team spent a long time hand decorating the exterior to make it as authentic as possible,” he adds.

The Museum of the Future replica can be found at the hotel's main restaurant, The Kitchen. It is on display until Sunday.

The art of chocolate sculptures

Making chocolate sculptures is a common art form in the confectionery scene.

It is believed to have first been popularised during the 19th century in Europe and the US. Chefs would melt blocks of chocolate and transform them into different shapes, such as animals, flowers, landmarks and more.

Las Vegas pastry chef Amaury Guichon, known as the “chocolate guy”, is popular online for his wildly imaginative creations. He has millions of followers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, where he shares clips showing him sculpting chocolate.

In one video, he made an impressive chocolate sea dragon that weighed about 40.8kg, with a length of 2.1 metres.

He also made a life-size kangaroo, orangutan and giraffe, as well as other complex shapes.

Updated: July 07, 2023, 2:29 PM