Unique celebrity rooms: Paris Hilton's package room, Barbra Streisand’s mall and more

Because when you're rich and famous, why wouldn't you install a 'crow dome' or a parlour only for plates and teacups?

Paris Hilton, Nicolas Cage and Lady Gaga have all added unique rooms to their homes. Photo: AFP
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Society has long been fascinated with a peak behind the curtain at the lives of celebrities, especially when it comes to their homes. And with plenty of space and funds to renovate, stars are often able to add all manner of unique and bespoke rooms to their mansions.

From Bill Gates’s trampoline room at his $119 million Seattle mansion to the mall Barbra Streisand had built in the basement of her Malibu home, complete with cinema and gift shop, here are eight of the most unique rooms in celebrity homes.

Paris Hilton’s package room

Fans were given a glimpse into some of the unique rooms in the house Paris Hilton shares with her husband Carter Reum and their son Phoenix on her I Am Paris podcast.

Hilton, 42, called the house in Los Angeles’s Beverly Park area her “dream home”, sharing that the 1,400-square-metre property is “like an amusement park. There’s so many different activities to do".

One of her favourite rooms is her package room, where her post is delivered and laid out. Reum said on the podcast: “We unicorn trot around the house, we dance making Taco Tuesdays, we go to your package room and you say: 'Can we go to the package room for 15 minutes and open packages?’”

Kris Jenner’s dish room

The Kardashian family matriarch’s love of fine china and dinner service sets led her to create an entire room dedicated to her collection.

The "momager" had the room built at her mansion in La Quinta, California, to showcase her collection, which includes sets by Hermes, Versace and Gucci.

“It’s like a mini museum with excellent lighting surrounding each set and not a teacup or plate out of place,” daughter Kourtney Kardashian said on her website, Poosh. “Truly a work of art.”

Bill Gates’s trampoline room

When you’re the sixth richest person on the planet with a $110.4 billion fortune, you can pretty much design any room you like. And Microsoft founder Bill Gates opted to add a trampoline room to his $120 million mansion on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle.

The room had long been an urban myth in the tech and real estate worlds, until Gates admitted in 2021 that the room did exist during an “Ask Me Anything” session on social media platform Reddit.

“I have a nice house,” he said of the 6,100-square-metre mansion called Xanadu 2.0. “It includes a trampoline room which seems kind of over the top, but my kids love using it to work off their excess energy.”

Nicolas Cage’s crow dome

The Renfield actor’s love of gothic culture has extended to his house, which he recently showed off revealing plenty of black and gold decor.

Cage moved into the Las Vegas mansion in 2021, buying a property in a gated community 15 years after leaving Los Angeles for Nevada.

Inviting 60 Minutes into his home, Cage showed off his black "crow dome" where his African Crow Hoogan lives.

“Crows are very intelligent,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “And I like their appearance, the Edgar Allan Poe aspect. I like the goth element. I am a goth.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s spa

“We were thinking it would be amazing to have a real spa,” the Oscar-winner told Architectural Digest of designing the spa at her home in California. “It’s kind of the most incredible thing in the house.”

Paltrow says she was inspired by the Parisian spa Bain de la Marais and the room features a hot tub, sauna, steam room and plunge pool

“It’s very calming in here,” said the Goop founder. “Whenever I’m in here, I’m like: ‘Pinch me’ because I cannot believe this is our house.'”

Barbra Streisand’s mall

The Hollywood star has become as famous for the mall she had built beneath her Malibu home as she is for her acting and singing.

The mall, complete with walkways, a cinema, a gift shop, a doll shop, a sweet shop and an antique clothing shop was created for the two-time Oscar winner to showcase her collections.

“Instead of just storing my things in the basement, I can make a street of shops and display them,” she told Harpers Bazaar.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy told Vulture: “We had dinner with Barbra and Jim, and Kelly [Preston] and John [Travolta], and [Lady] Gaga and I. And after dinner, she said: ‘Do you want to see the mall?’ And Gaga and I were out of that chair so fast … We went down to the mall and spent an hour down there.”

Lady Gaga’s bowling alley

The actress and singer’s 954-square-metre California mansion looks out over Zuma Beach in Malibu.

“This is my sanctuary,” she told Vogue of the home she moved into after leaving New York. “My oasis of peace. I call it my ‘gypsy palace'.”

One of the additions the Oscar winner made to the home was a bowling alley in the basement which can only be accessed through a secret door.

Updated: April 27, 2023, 10:04 AM