Watch: Saudi fighter jets shoot down a Houthi drone in air-to-air kill

Saudi Arabia intercepted missile and drone attacks on its oil terminals in the Eastern Province on Sunday, that were claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen

Watch: Saudi Arabia targets Houthi drone, military vehicles and positions

Watch: Saudi Arabia targets Houthi drone, military vehicles and positions
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The grainy footage shows the flying craft clearly in bright white against the greyscale static of the background. The steady crosshairs follow the drone as it speeds through the landscape before zooming out in time for the explosion to fill the screen.

A jet fighter from the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen had just brought down another Houthi explosive drone being fired at the kingdom.

The footage, recently released by the Coalition, comes after the Yemeni rebels aimed at the heart of the kingdom's oil industry with a drone attack on Ras Tanura Aramco oil terminal at one of the world's biggest oil ports and a rocket attack on another depot in Dhahran city in the country's east on Sunday night.

Like the drone in the footage, the kingdom's defences managed to bring both down. But the attacks are a major escalation and underscore the uptick in such needle attacks by the Yemeni rebels on Saudi Arabia.

Attacks on the kingdom - in pictures 

On Sunday alone, the rebels fired 12 drones at the kingdom and every day since last Tuesday, the Houthis have tried to hit civilian, military and oil facilities in the kingdom.

Riyadh has condemned the repeated attacks like that in the footage released on Sunday, which showed a Houthi Qasef drone the Saudi authorities said was targeting civilians.

Many of the kingdom's allies and states in the Middle East and the west have also condemned such attacks. The UN has said the attacks are "deeply concerning" and the US has vowed to help bolster Saudi defences.

Moment Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile

Moment Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile