Saudi king and crown prince register themselves as organ donors

Leaders urge Saudi citizens and residents to register as donors

King Salman registered with the organ donation programme to encourage the public to help save lives. SPA
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Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday registered themselves as donors in a new extension of the Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation programme.

King Salman, Prince Mohammed and deputy minister of defence Prince Khalid bin Salman registered with the organ donation programme to encourage the public to follow and contribute to saving lives.

All citizens and residents are eligible to register for the lists of donors using an online link.

Saudis and residents are using the hashtag "I will donate with my leadership", which is trending on Twitter in Saudi Arabia.

“This gesture reflects the leadership's encouragement for all citizens and residents to register in the organ donation programme due to its great importance in giving hope to patients whose lives depend on the transplantation of a new organ,” the Saudi Press Agency said.

Hana Roy, a foreign resident living in Saudi Arabia, said: “This such a great initiative. I am registering right away. This allows us to do good not just in this life, but even after.”

Faisal Ismail, a Saudi citizen, said: “Our leadership is unparalleled and this is just another example of their kindness and compassion based on our religion."

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