Hajj 2021 latest: Live updates as pilgrims return to Mina before fajr prayers

Strict protocols in place at this year's pilgrimage due to coronavirus pandemic

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About 60,000 faithful have almost completed their Hajj pilgrimage under strict health protocols to prevent new cases of Covid-19.

The pilgrims began arriving in Makkah on Saturday morning, where they passed through strict screening before being granted permits to take part in the second consecutive Hajj pilgrimage held under coronavirus restrictions.

The pilgrims' permits were checked by authorities before they were allowed to continue to the Grand Mosque in Makkah, where they began their pilgrimage by performing tawaf — circling the Kaaba anticlockwise seven times — while practising social distancing.

On Tuesday, pilgrims performed the stoning of Jamarat ceremony. The stoning ceremony is an emulation of Prophet Ibrahim’s stoning of the devil and marks the beginning of one of the most sacred Muslim holidays, Eid Al Adha.

Late on Tuesday evening, pilgrims returned to Mina for the night.

On Wednesday, pilgrims will perform five fajr prayers before returning to Jamarat.

Here is a video guide to all you need to know about this year's Hajj.

Updated: July 21, 2021, 12:36 AM