Bahrain's King reappoints Crown Prince to form next cabinet

The announcement comes after elections this month

Bahrain's King Hamad accepted Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad’s resignation on behalf of the former cabinet and asked him to again lead the next government. EPA
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Bahrain's King Hamad reappointed Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad as Prime Minister to lead the next government, state media reported on Monday.

Following an election this month, King Hamad accepted Crown Prince Salman’s resignation on behalf of the former cabinet and asked him to again lead the next government.

Crown Prince Salman thanked the King for his trust and renewed his pledge of loyalty. He said he would “continue working to achieve your aspirations”.

Crown Prince Salman has served as Prime Minister of Bahrain since 2020, when he took over after the death of his great uncle Prince Khalifa bin Salman, who had held the post since 1971, the year before Bahrain became independent.

Prince Khalifa was the longest-serving prime minister in the world.

Bahrain said more than 73 per cent of the 344,713 registered voters cast their ballot on November 13.

More than 500 candidates contested the race, including 334 for 40 parliamentary seats.

Authorities said the total number of female candidates was more than double the 2018 figure at 94.

The election brought a significant change in MPs with only seven incumbents winning re-election and 28 of the 33 new winners in parliament entering the house for the first time.

Eight women won a seat in parliament and three won municipal seats — up from six female MPs in 2018. Women now make up 20 per cent of the parliament.

Parliament consists of the Council of Representatives and a 40-member Shura Council appointed by the King.

At the final cabinet session of the outgoing administration, Crown Prince Salman laid out how his administration had furthered its commitment to the King’s Royal Directives to achieve the aspirations of Bahraini citizens.

King Hamad noted that despite the global challenges presented over the past few years, Bahrain’s government was able to ensure the kingdom’s prosperity and continuing development.

Updated: November 22, 2022, 6:27 AM