Snow turns Saudi Arabia's Mount Dhaka white

Muslims across the country offered rain prayers, known as Salaat Al Istisqaa, on Thursday

Snow falls in Saudi Arabia

Snow falls in Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia's Mount Dhaka turned white after the Al Shafa area in the west of the kingdom was hit by a heavy hailstorm on Saturday.

The city of Taif also experienced heavy rainfall. Videos on social media showed hail covering the mountains and roads.

On Thursday, Muslims across the country had offered rain prayers, known as Salaat Al Istisqaa.

Mount Dhaka is the highest point of Ash Shifa, a town about 20 kilometres from Taif and 2,900 metres above sea level.

The mountain is known for its juniper trees.

People travel to the region to hike, indulge in outdoor activities and watch the sunset from the 10,000-square-metre Dakka Mountain Park.

Temperatures in the region drop to as low as minus 1 degree Celsius between the months of November and February.


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Updated: November 09, 2021, 12:08 PM