Education for all

Education Without Borders comes to the UAE with the aim of engaging students from around the world and offering them the chance to meet world leaders and Nobel laureates.

Every child, regardless of status or geographical location, deserves an education. Education Without Borders (EwB) have been promoting this ever since it launched in Vancouver, Canada in 2002. It strives to reach to every corner of the globe. Now in 2011, it has come to the UAE.

The 6th biennial EwB conference kicked off in Dubai yesterday, hosting a thousand students from all around the world. The students will get the chance to meet and exchange thoughts with Nobel laureates, university professors and world leaders such as Britain's ex-prime minister Tony Blair and Raila Odinga, prime minister of Kenya.

The forum's mission is to engage some of the world's most innovative students in discussing and finding solutions to the planet's biggest challenges as well as building cultural bridges and creating networks.

Many of the visiting students may not even have heard of the UAE previously. The three-day event offers the visitors the chance to discover the UAE's rich heritage. Likewise, Emirati students will get to welcome international students who will increase their knowledge of the outside world.

On March 31, EwB will hold a gala dinner in Abu Dhabi. Perhaps, in years to come, such events will be graced by world leaders made out of today's students, from the emirates and the rest of the world.