Defining justice in Libya

The capture of Saif Al Islam Qaddafi offers Libya a chance at closure, but only if he receives a fair trial, one reader argues. Other letter topics today: Sri Lanka's cricket, Egypt's elections, teachers' salaries and enforceable rental agreements.

A reader argues that the Qaddafis, including Saif Al Islam, centre, deserve a fair trial. Reuters
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I wish to extend my hearty congratulations to the Pakistan cricket team for recording a resounding series win in the one-day internationals (ODIs) over the Sri Lankans (Perfect stage for Afridi's prowess with bat and ball, November 21).

The Pakistanis excelled in all aspects (bowling, fielding and batting) of the game in the ongoing series. Sri Lankan supporters who had flooded Sharjah Stadium in great numbers must have gone back thoroughly disappointed at the extremely poor performance of their team.

In fact, they just meekly surrendered. They failed in all aspects of the game. I hold their top three world class players - Sangakara, Jaywardhane and Dilshan - responsible for this poor show. Even the captaincy was not of the standard expected of Dilshan.

I fail to understand their strategy of opting for defensive batting when they were expected to bat aggressively and surpass the small target they had before them.

The Sri Lankan team has let down their supporters very badly.

DB Singh, Dubai

Egypt's elections must go ahead

Issandr El Amrani's comment piece Egypt's dangerous run-up to elections is a necessary risk (November 21) was an excellent read.

If the elections are delayed again, it is possible that the violence on the streets will get even worse.

Omar M, Abu Dhabi

Rental contracts should be binding

Recently there was a public notice posted in my building, Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Building 1, saying I needed to obtain an access card in order to be able to use the beach, pool, fitness centre and other facilities.

In order to get a new access card I am required to provide a property deed, a no-objection letter from my landlord, two photos, a copy of my passport, a copy of my tenancy agreement and have a UAE land department stamp of some kind.

The tenants were given about three weeks to comply, deadline being this past Friday. I also notice this has been posted in other shoreline buildings.

My rental agreement includes the enjoyment of property utilities like pools, health club and parking.  So my question is, can they really restrict me from using the facilities because they changed the requirements for access? I do not think it's reasonable to require all of these new documents since I feel I already legally have access to the facilities.

Rick Mathey, Dubai

Parents to blame for disruptive kids

I was sorry to read in the letters section about the experience of Vanessa Wolf who was barred from taking her sleeping baby to the Abu Dhabi Art event at Saadiyat Island (Children can enjoy art show maturely, November 21). This policy should be made clear in advance, not when families arrive.

Unfortunately, such bans have become necessary because of the appalling behaviour of many children and the lack of interest among parents and nannies who should be controlling them.

I visited Manarat Al Saadiyat last summer for the Mesopotamia exhibition and was repeatedly disturbed by an uncontrolled, screaming toddler whose parents simply ignored him and left everyone else to suffer.

I took my children to galleries many times when they were young and ensured that they were on their best behaviour. It is a shame that good parents are let down by those who have no consideration for anyone else.

Nargis Walker, Abu Dhabi

Teaching among lowest paid jobs

In reference to Shortage of PE teachers slows pupil health drive (November 21), the teaching profession is one of the lowest paid professional jobs all over the world.

And it's the only job where you have to work 20 hours a day, like taking unfinished work back home to meet deadlines.

Most of the schools don't provide human resource allowances, airline tickets or overtime allowances to 75 per cent of their teaching staff.

And salaries are around Dh2,500 per month, which was set by the Ministry of Education almost 20 years ago. These rates have not been revised as per the cost of living in this country.

Name withheld by request

Captive Qaddafis have rights too

This is in relation to Qaddafi son's fear and bravado after capture (November 21).

Isn't it a shame for the international community the way Muammar Qaddafi was humiliated and killed. It was not condemned, nor were there demands for a fair trial of those who committed this heinous crime against humanity?

John Donne, Abu Dhabi