New emission-free power generator that doesn't need fuel a 'milestone for clean energy'

The potentially revolutionary technology was on display at Cop28

Zero-emission smart power generator displayed at Cop28. Photo: Ali Al Shouk
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A cutting-edge smart electromagnetic generator, capable of meeting the demand for electric power without the need for traditional fuel sources, has been showcased at Cop28 in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi's Global Solutions for Project Management teamed up with South Korean-based SEMP Group to launch the world's first non-rotational power generation system.

Zakeya Alameri, founder and CEO of Global Solutions for Project Management, said the generator is the result of four years of research by experts at the SEMP Research Institute, which is now entering commercial application.

“This technology serves as a solution to meet the fast-growing demand for power without fuel or emissions,” Ms Alameri told The National.

“It marks a milestone of profound significance for the world and the future of clean energy.”

She said the innovation can revolutionise how the world obtains power at any scale – from cities to ships, to planes, cars, computers and even aerospace.

“This innovation is scalable and can be used in power plants, a house off-grid, electric vehicles with no need for recharging or refuelling, ships, planes and mobile phones. The sky is the limit,” she added.

The generator uses electromagnetic principles, igniting pulses within a copper coil wrapped around metal.

The company has a generator design for up to ten megawatts.

That's enough to power about 2,000 homes, according to Sunrun – a world-leading solar panel and battery storage company.

Woo Hee Choi, CEO of SEMP, said the invention will transform how power is produced and consumed.

“The world is seeking solutions to accelerate the journey to net zero emissions. Our innovation delivers efficient energy while minimising carbon emissions. The generator does not have any rotating parts, does not produce carbon or heat emissions,” Ms Choi told The National.

“It is a self-powered generator, has a compact footprint and near-permanent lifespan. It is the next leap in the evolution of technology.”

She said that industries can generate electricity without the need for power transmission and home appliances can be powered with an easy plug-and-play model.

Updated: December 12, 2023, 12:04 PM