Your boss on wheels

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This is what the US National Security Agency (NSA) will be using soon, not as tool to spy on citizens, but internally as a communications tool.

The Beam is a communications robot on wheels that can be remotely controlled by a user. It moves seamlessly around a room and with a 17inch monitor and speakers, the user can communicate with whoever it comes across.

Designed by Suitable Technologies, it is about 5 foot tall, has two high-definition cameras, six microphones, speakers, wi-fi and LED lamps.

It was designed as a tool for the office, to enable executives and managers to attend meetings remotely and visit several people all around the office to help save time and money.

"We expect Beams to be everywhere in the future,” said the person on the screen. “People are using it in so many ways.”

It is more personal than a teleconference or calling someone through Skype on your smartphone the company claims.

If you're trying to avoid your boss, you can simply reject that Skype call or phone call, but it would be difficult to avoid or ignore an incoming Beam.

The Beam costs $16,000 for the most basic model.