WATCH: World's biggest OLED screen at Dubai Mall

Guinness Word Record breaker made by LG shows future of display sector

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The South Korean screen and TV maker LG Electronics' Guinness World Record breaking OLED video wall at The Dubai Mall, unveiled this month, showcases what is likely to be a new wave in digital display advertising.

The giant screen is built from 820 panels of LG’s OLED signage at the mall’s Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, one of the largest in the world. Emaar Entertainment, the entertainment business of Emaar Properties, partnered LG on the record-breaking project.

“LG has always pushed boundaries with innovative display technologies, especially with its pioneering OLED technology," said Kevin Cha, the president of LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa.

"Today, right here in the heart of The Dubai Mall, we are proud to showcase to the world a global example of how LG digital signage products provide innovative solutions that B2B customers of today demand, creating a visitor experience unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed."

OLEDs have held out the promise of better screens for decades even as LCDs ruled. OLED displays can be thinner, more energy efficient and produce deeper black colours because organic pixels can glow on their own, while LCDs require a backlit panel. They can also be made on flexible plastic for a wider variety of shapes and applications. The challenge has been in creating long-lasting, bright screens at low enough prices.

And for OLED manufacturers, Apple's decision to incorporte them in its new iPhones will be a major boost. Demand is likely to be hiked by hundreds of millions of units, according to industry estimates. IHS Markit forecasts they will overtake liquid-crystal displays for smartphone panels this year in a market expected to reach US$22.7 billion in 2017.

"This type of technology will one day revolutionise the digital signage industry, providing businesses and consumers alike a whole new way of marketing and interacting with brands and products," accordinbg to Emily Carroll, the marketing manager of Prendi. Prendi is a full-service digital solutions provider.

The technology offers up the possibility of a double-sided digital display, almost as thin as traditional paper posters: one screen to replace two, three, four - multiple posters - with interchanging content on either side. Imagine any hanging posters or billboards replaced with one double-sided, lightweight display.  In addition, something as thin and flexible as OLED can go anywhere.

Last year LG showcased some prototypes of such displays, along with a huge OLED screen tunnel, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Commenting on The Dubai Mall record, Talal Omar, Guinness World Record’s country manager – Mena, said: “We are very excited that LG has set another Guinness World Records title today for the highest resolution video wall. The record perfectly resonates with the advanced technology that Dubai is known for.  On behalf of Guinness World Records we would like to congratulate everyone at LG for creating an experience that is truly ‘officially amazing’.

"We are proud that Guinness World Records was able to yet again provide a platform to recognise and share amazing moments.”

“We are extremely thrilled to be part of this monumental accomplishment and we are thankful to Emaar for its valued partnership and for its trust in the world’s most innovative display technology by LG – OLED," said Mr Cha. "We strongly believe that through such ground-breaking innovation in digital signage, we have taken a colossal step into the future and changed the way commercial space is designed and used."