Video recording contact lens on display in Dubai’s Museum of the Future

A high tech contact lens will soon allow people to dive into their friends’ adventures by seeing their videos almost first hand, according to developers.

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DUBAI // A high-tech contact lens will allow people to dive into their friends’ adventures by seeing their videos almost first hand, developers claim.

The EyeShare, developed by telecommunications company Du, is one of many breakthroughs which will be displayed in the Dh500 million Museum of the Future in Dubai, due to open in December 2018.

“Du is our main sponsor, and the EyeShare is the next generation of social media,” Saif Al Aulaili, chief executive of the Dubai Foundation for the Museum of the Future, said at the World Government Summit yesterday.

“We developed a product that helps you share experiences so you can feel what the other person feels, see what they see, and hear what they hear.”

Details on how the EyeShare will work were not revealed.

“Based on the research we did in the last six-to-eight months, we identified three major areas in which artificial intelligence and robots impact our lives in a direct way,” Mr Al Aulaili said.

“One of them is human augmentation, the second is robots caring for humans, and the third is algorithmic management – taking decisions on our behalf.”

An exhibit called the UAE Supermind will guide citizens to where they fit in the economy career-wise by asking them questions.

It then places them in a profession which fits their skills and informs them of how much their contribution to the GDP will be and their impact in the job.

The museum’s content will be changed every three-to-six months to keep the displays lively and up-to-date, with 70 per cent of it to be developed by experts from the museum itself and the rest to be a “playground” for large companies such as Google, G E and Airbus.