Serco partners with Abu Dhabi’s G42 to boost digital transformation

The companies will cater to government clients across the transport, aviation, healthcare, smart cities and defence sectors

G42 chief executive Peng Xiao, left, and Phil Malem, chief executive of Serco Middle East, during the signing ceremony. Courtesy Serco
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British outsourcing company Serco is teaming up with Abu Dhabi artificial intelligence and cloud computing company Group 42 to promote the adoption of innovative technology by government clients in the Middle East and drive a shift towards data-driven operations.

The partnership will combine the resources of both companies in a non-equity agreement. Together, they will target government clients across the transport, aviation, healthcare, smart cities and defence sectors.

“We are committed to growing our business in the region and working with local partners to bridge capability gaps,” said Phil Malem, chief executive of Serco Middle East.

“As a technology-led business enabled by people, we immediately saw a strategic fit with G42.”

As part of the agreement, Serco will use G42’s cloud computing capabilities and AI-centric, cross-industry technology expertise. The companies aim to deliver “fully integrated public services across the region”.

G42, which owns and operates the world’s 26th-most powerful supercomputer, is developing scalable solutions use technology such as AI, machine learning and cloud computing. Serco Middle East employs more than 4,500 people across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq.

“Companies across industries need to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” said Group 42 chief executive Peng Xiao.

“We are confident that with our unique AI expertise and secure cloud computing infrastructure, we will be able, together with Serco, to provide customers with data-driven insights to make better business decisions, streamline efficiencies, foster innovation and drive value.”

G42’s technology will enable the development of end-to-end decision-making tools that can be used to reduce the total cost of ownership for its clients, said Paul Bogan, chief digital officer of Serco Middle East.

Productivity can be improved and waste minimised through business process automation that can enable paperless environments, he said.

Airport management solutions can provide clients with new insights that support decision making, he said.