What’s the best way to invest in the UAE property market? – Pocketful of Dirhams

Siddiq Farid of SmartCrowd outlines the different options for real estate investors

While last year’s coronavirus lockdown in the UAE led to drop in demand for real estate across the country, there are signs the market is recovering, particularly in popular areas and for higher-end homes.

Some residents are hunting for properties with gardens or more space as the work-from-home trend continues, while demand for short-term rentals is also on the up.

However, the idea of investing in real estate might seem a little risky for some when you consider the world is only just emerging from the pandemic.

So, what alternatives are there for investors that want a slice of the real estate market without saving up a huge deposit? Are UAE property prices really on the rise? And, what other global markets should you consider investing in now?

Host Alice Haine from The National is joined by Siddiq Farid, the founder and chief executive of SmartCrowd, a digital real estate investment platform that allows investors to crowdfund their property purchase.

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