Three of the best: holiday roaming packs

Check your emails, surf the web, or connect with your friends while on holiday without breaking the bank.

There are ways to limit your bill for roaming. Jeff Topping / The National
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Etisalat Traveler Combo Pack

Benefits This monthly package, which costs Dh500, includes 1GB of data and 1,000 incoming minutes of calls. Customers can subscribe by dialling *177# or texting "combo" to 1010. The voice roaming pack can be used with any Etisalat roaming partner except Satellite & Flight operators. SMS notifications are sent if you consume your pack allowance before time expiry. Billing increment is 30KB.

Watch out for For Postpaid Mobile customers, you must have full roaming service or special roaming service enabled before subscribing to any pack.

Du Passport for voice calls in GCC region

Benefits If you are travelling in the Gulf region, Du offers a way to control your spending on voice calls. Through Passport, calls back home to the UAE cost 90 fils per minute compared to the standard rate of Dh2.4 per minute. Local calls - say in Oman to an Oman number - cost 90 fils per minute compared to the usual Dh1 per minute. The price is Dh1.25 per minute on incoming calls. Text "passport" to 9812 to be activated within 24 hours.

Watch out for You will also pay Dh5 per call.

Du 1 month roaming data bundle

Benefits A month-long roaming data bundle from Du costs Dh500 and gives you 1GB of usage. You can subscribe to a new bundle depending on your needs or opt to continue with pay-per-use with the set limit. To sign up, visit from your mobile device.

Watch out for Data in Lebanon, In-flight and Satellite is available only on a pay-per-use basis at Dh1 for 15KB. Check Du's Easy Roaming partners list before you buy a package.