Stop Paying Somebody Else’s Mortgage – Get Your Own

Your hard earned money that you pay on rent will never be seen again. Because you have paid someone else’s mortgage. Why not switch from rent to mortgage and make the payments an investment in your own home?

It is actually significantly easier than before the COVID-19 pandemic to secure home finance at an affordable mortgage rate. Image: Supplied
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Every month, millions of us hand over our hard-earned money to pay for rent that, once paid, is gone forever. You will not see this again. That is why anybody who is in a position to buy and move into their own home, must do so - because when you own a property, every Dirham you spend on it comes back to you.

According to Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest mortgage provider in the country, there is a shift in customer mind-set as far as home buying is concerned. Customers today are looking for a long-term residence that is spacious, provides better value for money, and in addition to the financial benefits of saving on rent, actually creates an investment for their future generations. And what is the perfect recipe for prospective home owners? Affordable property pricing, better quality of living and a comprehensive home financing solution that will help them easily transition from a rent paying tenant to a proud homeowner – a place they can truly call their own.

The entire home finance journey has been simplified to ensure the experience, from the time the customer chooses their home until he or she moves in, is a happy one

As we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, how difficult is it to secure home finance at an affordable mortgage rate?

The short answer is that it is actually significantly easier than before. The journey for any homeowner begins with choosing the right bank. One that plays the role of trusted advisor, and is with the customer, hand-in-hand, throughout the entirety of this exciting voyage of discovery, particularly for the first-time buyers. That is where Dubai Islamic Bank comes in. As the perfect partner to help navigate the complexities and provide the perfect customized solution. Our emphasis always remains on educating as well as empowering the customer on his or her home buying journey.

The entire home finance or mortgage journey has been simplified by Dubai Islamic Bank to ensure the experience, from the time the customer chooses their home until he or she moves in, is a happy one.

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The complexities seen in the mortgage market become a thing of the past. Getting a pre-approval for home finance based on your financing eligibility is instant, within minutes in real time – and best of all, the pre-approval, offered via the website, is wholly contactless – no need to visit a branch.

With DIB, aspiring homeowners are given the opportunity to choose from a selection of personalised home finance options. The bank’s Home Finance Advisors provide expert guidance to customers and help them identify the amount of finance they can safely apply for, based on their monetary health. What’s more, customers can select the type of financing rate that they would like for their home finance - fixed or variable. Fixed profit rate options provide the much-needed certainty for customers who want to transition from renting to owning a property.

The objective is to put the customer in control of the choices he or she makes when it comes to home finance

Additionally, DIB can assist with budgeting for extra expenses that are associated with home buying. The objective is to put the customer in control of the choices he or she makes when it comes to home finance.

With the increasing reliance on digital and the significant benefits that it provides, DIB has introduced technology to digitize all contracts for home finance customers – yet another industry first for DIB. This means saying goodbye to reams of paper, filing hassles and security related worries. Customers have the option of downloading their contracts, or even reviewing them on their device at their convenience. This solution is completely secure and is backed by double authentication which only the customer can enable.

In conclusion, it is safe to say owning your own home is now a lot easier than it used to be. So why waste money on rent when you could quite easily be paying the same amount towards an investment that will bring you happiness – your own home.

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