Best Buy: Dubai First's new credit card caters to Emiratis

Services include car registrations and free flower deliveries.

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When it comes to credit cards, most financial institutions cast a wide net in the hope of capturing the biggest client base possible.

Reward points, endless discounts at restaurants and free roadside assistance are a few of the generic benefits that get thrown our way. But Dubai First, the consumer finance subsidiary of Dubai Group, is now focusing on cards that target a specific demographic. Its latest offering is Simply Emirati - the UAE's first credit card dedicated exclusively to UAE nationals.

"Launching the Emirati Card delivers a competitive advantage for us," says Abrahim Al Ansari, the chief executive of Dubai First. "It answers a need among UAE nationals for a high-value premium credit card that caters to their specific cultural aspirations."

Every feature of the credit card, he adds, has been included with Emiratis in mind. According to Mr Al Ansari, Dubai First consulted with UAE nationals throughout the card's development to get an accurate feel for what they want.

Some of the more unique aspects of Simply Emirati are its various concierge services.

Do you need to renew your car registration? That's not an issue. Simply call Dubai First's 24/7 Arabic Contact Centre and someone will collect your vehicle, take care of the paperwork and return the car to your driveway.

The same service is offered if you need an international driving licence.

You also receive two free courier deliveries on anything you desire each month, and two more if you order movie or concert tickets. And with Valentine's Day coming up, here is the real kicker - with Simply Emirati, you get free delivery on flowers anywhere in the world.

The card also comes with some of the typical bells and whistles, such as a cash reward of 3.5 per cent for every dirham spent, purchase protection of up to Dh40,000 a year and a 3 per cent travel discount for flights within the GCC.

Clients receive a voucher book with 100 buy-one-get-one-free coupons on dining, beauty and entertainment. But each one is geared towards Emiratis, Mr Al Ansari says, such as shops specialising in perfumes or ghutras.

Finally, each client who signs up to Simply Emirati benefits from an introductory gift - a polished black box filled with Oud, Dehn El Oud and perfumes.

"The idea is to evoke pride and gear it towards the needs of this specific group," Mr Al Ansari says. "Each time they swipe the card, they are waving the flag."