From ground, sea and air, plenty of weapons to choose from

Ghannatha class ship

Designed by Swede Ship, the 26.5 metre-long Ghannatha class will be delivered in three batches, each with a different weapons configuration. Weapons-system integration for all three different configurations of the vessel will be undertaken by Abu Dhabi Systems Integration, a UAE joint venture company formed in 2006 by Abu Dhabi Ship Building and Selex Sistemi Integrati of Italy. The aluminium-hulled boats will be powered by twin MTU marine diesel engines coupled to Rolls-Royce FF-series waterjets that will give a maximum speed of in excess of 35 knots, excellent manoeuvrability, and the ability to operate in extremely shallow waters, said an ADSB spokesman.

Piaggio Aero MPA

The Piaggio Aero MPA is an evolution of the Piaggio Aero P-180 Avanti II private business aircraft. It will feature an enhanced airframe, increased maximum take-off weight, additional fuel tanks and a new aerodynamic configuration with a reinforced wing. It will be able to fly up to 12,500 metres, with an endurance of 10 plus flight hours, a maximum range of 6,100km and a cruise speed of 648kph. The MPA is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, with a loitering speed both at low and high altitude. Its operating ceiling of up to 41,000 feet allows for high-altitude operations with an endurance of more than 10 hours.

Nimr multipurpose vehicle

Nimr's multipurpose vehicles have a wide spectrum of applications ranging from tactical missions in harsh arid environments to modern urban warfare, deep infiltration missions, reconnaissance, border surveillance, support logistics and riot control. Nimr vehicles can be configured as weapons carriers, logistics vehicles, ambulances or for mobile command and Control. The vehicle has a road range of 700km and a top speed of 140kph.

Baynunah class vessel

The 72-metre Baynunah class has been designed to replace the UAE Navy's 33.5-metre Ardhana-class large patrol class vessels in the patrol and surveillance role in the country's territorial waters and exclusive economic zone. But they will also be capable of minelaying, interception and other operations. Their design also incorporates a stealthy superstructure, a helicopter landing deck and a hangar. The ships are being equipped with the latest weapons and surveillance technology, integrated by the subcontractor Selex, formerly Marconi Systems. Its shallow draught allows it to operate easily in inshore waters, and the class is seen as a more economic alternative to the US-designed littoral combat ship concept offered by Lockheed Martin and Austal USA since mid-2008.


Directors: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Stars: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman

Rating: 2/5

David Haye record

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