Business Extra podcast: China-US trade tensions and the e-scooter revolution

Abu Dhabi has legalised e-scooter rentals amid a micro mobility revolution on city streets around the world

Fad or the future of city transport? That is the debate around electric scooters (or e –scooters) as they get set to come to a street near you. Careem is in talks to run one of Abu Dhabi's first e-scooter rental services after the capital legalised the leasing of the vehicles.

The ride-share company - which was bought by Uber for more than $3 billion this year - said it sees two-wheel devices as the future of "micro-mobility". Globally, in dense urban areas scooters are increasingly being seen as the answer for efficient personal transportation. Over the last two years electric scooters have become far more widespread. Urban planners, investors and authorities are taking the trend very seriously. But what does that mean for us here? Host Mustafa Alrawi, Assistant Editor in Chief, Chris Nelson, Assistant Business Editor and London Bureau Chief Damien McElroy discuss the impact of this new development in mobility both here and around the world.

We also focus on how the China-US row has kicked up a gear this week after Washington accused Beijing of manipulating its currency “to gain unfair competitive advantage in international trade”.

In this episode:

- Headlines (1 minute 21 seconds)

- China-US trade tensions (2 minutes 10 seconds)

- E-scooters (10 minutes 2 seconds)

- Damien McElroy (14 minutes 41 seconds)