Where in the world has Boeing 737 Max aircraft been banned from flying?

Every airline and aviation regulator to ground the Boeing 737 Max

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Airlines and aviation regulators across the world, including in the UAE, took the decision to ground the Boeing 737 Max aircraft over fears of a technical issue with the plane.

Both the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed on Sunday and the Lion Air flight, which crashed in October last year, were using the Boeing model.

Some airlines have independently taken the decision to ground the plane, while some aviation authorities have decided to ban any 737 Max planes from taking off, landing, or flying over the airspace they control.


The Federal Aviation Authority, which licenses the airworthiness of the American-made plane says they continue to believe the plane with airworthy.

An investigation into the Lion Air crash found that the pilots were confused by an anti-stalling system, which pushed the nose of the plane down. Investigators said the system might have triggered accidentally.

Boeing said on Tuesday it will bring forward a software upgrade of its jets and issue new guidance to pilots by April.

Both incidents used the same model of plane, which crashed early into the flight and both pilots reported issues with the plane asking to return into the airport, but so far, that is as far as the connections between the two incidents go.


Which airlines have grounded the Boeing 737 Max?