Boeing reveals 777X interior with 'enhanced passenger experience'

The new aircraft is said to be the world's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet

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Air travel is far from the most comfortable experience, so anything that helps put the mind and body at rest at 35,000 feet is very welcome.

There has been plenty of anticipation ahead of the launch of Boeing's new 777X aircraft, for which Dubai airline Emirates has placed an order of 150.

Boeing has given a sneak peek of the aircraft's interior, which the company said will be the world's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet.

The US plane maker revealed images of the cabin with a particular focus on the seating arrangements, overhead lockers and windows. Many of the features are inspired by the 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing said the overhead bins "are designed to enhance the passenger experience by allowing everyone on board easy access to their belongings" and added that the "designs create a more large and open feel inside the cabin".

Boeing said the windows are larger and higher, providing a better view for everyone on board. There also appears to be an automatic roll-down blind system.

Other new features revealed by Boeing were a "lower cabin altitude, improved humidity and smoother ride technology", while "next-generation LED lighting further enhances the passenger experience throughout the flight and allows airlines more branding opportunities".

The renderings appear to show both economy and business class cabins.

The aircraft is set to undergo vigorous testing in 2019 and is scheduled for delivery in 2020, when Emirates will receive both the 777-8 and 777-9 variations.

Rendering 777-9X; Air to Air; Over Clouds Blue Boeing Livery; K66734
The Boeing 777X is expected to enter service in 2020. Courtesy Boeing

The 777-8 will seat between 350 to 375 passengers, while the latter can carry 400 to 425 passengers, both in a two-class configuration.

The 777-8 has a range of 16,110km – far enough for it to create a new world's longest flight – and the 777-9 can travel 14,075km.

Boeing said the 777X will have 12 per cent lower fuel consumption and 10 per cent lower operating costs than its competition.

The model has foldable wing tips, which enable an extended span of seven metres, maximising fuel efficiency.

Earlier in December, the three main fuselage sections of the first 777X were connected together at the Boeing facility in Everett, Washington, in what is known as a "final body join".


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