A personal badge of honour in the Middle East

The Life: What makes the G-Wagon so popular in the region?

The G-Wagen has been so popular in the Middle East that it is about to have its very own version, specially customised for the local market. We get the lowdown on what it will offer and why it's so badly needed.

What's so special about the G-Class Limited edition?

Only 100 units will be manufactured "based on the Middle Eastern motoring heritage".

What does that mean?

It means that along with its rugged, powerful and sporty exterior, it has a set of 19-inch AMG wheels in a special matte-finish. And it's available either in cashmere white or night black.

What about the interior?

I'm glad you asked. You're looking at a two-tone treatment with "contrasting black and porcelain leather with carbon fibre and champagne white Designo piano lacquer wood trim".

What's porcelain leather?

Don't ask stupid questions.

Anything else we should know about this special edition?

It has a "rear-seat entertainment system" and "details like the badge".

So how do I get hold of one?

Speak to Mercedes-Benz in the Middle East. Prices for the bog-standard G55 begin from about Dh522,000 (US$142,000), but the limited edition is likely to be closer to Dh615,000.

* Rupert Wright