Dewa awards $3m contract for Hatta hydroelectric plant pipeline

The project is part of the utility’s plan to boost the infrastructure in Hatta

The pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant being built by Dewa in Hatta is the first station of its kind in the GCC region. Photo: Dewa
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The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has awarded a Dh10.9 million ($2.96 million) contract to build a water pipeline in Hatta, as part of its hydroelectric power plant.

The glass-reinforced epoxy pipeline is part of the pumped-storage power plant that the utility is currently constructing, which is the first station of its kind in the GCC region, Dewa said on Monday.

The project includes the construction of a jet valve chamber to extend the lower outlet valve of Hatta Dam to the Wadi area, it said.

The Hatta hydroelectric power plant is nearly three-quarters completed, Dewa said in September.

The power station will have a production capacity of 250 megawatts, a storage capacity of 1,500 megawatt hours and a lifespan of up to 80 years. It was due to be completed in late 2024 but will now be ready for use around the start of 2025, the Dewa said.

The Hatta plant and the pipeline support the utility's comprehensive plan to develop Hatta and address its social, economic, developmental and environmental requirements, Saeed Al Tayer, managing director and chief executive of Dewa, said.

"Dewa is developing a world-class infrastructure for electricity and water to keep pace with the growing demand in Dubai and provide its services according to the highest standards of availability, reliability, efficiency and quality," he said.

Dewa has been working to improve water services in Dubai by implementing several upgrades and new additions to its network, to cater to the needs of the population and businesses, and to ensure the city's water security.

In 2022, Dewa extended its main water transmission pipelines in several areas of Dubai by 64km at a cost of about Dh358 million.

That ramped up Dubai's daily production capacity of desalinated water to almost half a billion gallons, it said in June.

"Dewa applies the best global practices in all its projects and leverages the latest technologies in the generation, transmission, distribution and management of electricity and water networks, to raise production and operational efficiency," Mr Al Tayer said.

In November, Dewa, which raised Dh22.4 billion in its initial public offering last year, reported an 8 per cent rise in its third-quarter profit, driven by an increase in demand for electricity, water and cooling services.

The UAE has also been championing water security. In September, it called for a decisive and co-ordinated international response to the urgent threat of global water scarcity in a discussion paper published by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Updated: December 25, 2023, 11:35 AM