Why we should give back to our businesses during Ramadan

Allocate some time for learning and checking in on your partners and clients

The fact that working hours are less during the holy month should inspire entrepreneurs to give back to their business even more. Getty
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If there is one word that would be best associated with Ramadan, it would be “giving”.

Millions of Muslims around the world give more to the less fortunate, give more time to spend with family members and give more time to prayers and worship during the holy month.

Ramadan encourages us to test our limits and put our best selves forward.

While many of us focus on giving back to the community, the needy and to give more time to our families and loved ones, it is also important to give back to our businesses and our work.

But how do we do that?

I was inspired to indulge in this exercise a few years ago.

Every year, weeks before the holy month commences, I would draft a plan detailing my targets for the month.

Just like how I plan my work day, I would plan my Ramadan days to ensure I make the most of it spiritually.

I would ensure that certain hours are dedicated to reading the Quran, while others, such as the late hours of the night, are dedicated to prayers.

This spiritual planning made me think about my business.

If every aspect of my life is supposed to be positively inspired by the spirit of the holy month, then my work and business shouldn’t be spared either.

The fact that working hours are less during the month should inspire us to give back to our work even more.

As Muslims, we believe that every good deed multiplies during the month. Therefore, giving back to my business should yield the same result in the long run.

I gave back to my business by investing in non-monetary ways.

I would spend the month doing a mid-year check to assess what was serving my business growth and what wasn’t.

We often dwell too much on day-to-day operations that we miss out on matters that could be negatively impacting our work’s progress.

That’s why Ramadan is the best time to focus on what is working well and shed the extra weight of what is not working.

Just as I would dedicate time to nurture my spirit during Ramadan, I would allocate some time to my business learning.

The shorter working hours and lighter work schedule mean that I have an extra hour or two during the day, which I could dedicate to learning.

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I prefer the early morning hours, especially after sunrise, to read and nurture my brain.

I would focus on industry-related material and a course that I could sign up for during the holy month that would help my business in the long run.

The right network could make your business soar. Ramadan encourages us to strengthen our connections and our businesses should also be included.

We should make it a habit to check in on our business partners, our support groups, people who help us grow, people we want to learn from and our clients.

If you haven’t found enough time to do that during the year, then Ramadan can be a great start.

Since I ventured into entrepreneurship more than a decade ago, I had high expectations for my business.

Through my journey, I learned, grew, built a life that I love and met amazing people.

My business and work gave me so much, and for any relationship to work in the long run, giving should be mutual.

Manar Al Hinai is an award-winning Emirati writer and communications consultant based in Abu Dhabi.

Updated: April 03, 2023, 4:15 AM