Weekly dances in Al Ain will celebrate Emirati heritage

Enjoy performances of the Ayyala and Harbiya dances, both of which are traditionally performed by men

Men perform the Ayyala dance. Courtesy TCA
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Every Monday until April 18, you will have the chance to watch a traditional Emirati dance performance at the Al Ain Oasis.

There will be two traditional dances performed. The Ayyala folk dance is usually performed by a group of men, who face each other and take turns in reciting poetry and brandishing swords to the beat of traditional drums and tambourines.

The Harbiya dance is another popular Emirati dance performed by two lines of men facing each other, reciting melodic phrases. It is often known as the war dance, representing the celebration of victory against an enemy.

The performances will be held every Monday at the Al Ain Oasis from 10am to 1pm.

For more information on upcoming events as part of the Al Ain Cultural Programme, visit visitalain.ae


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