US elections 2020: Celebrities from Kanye West to Kirstie Alley take to Twitter

A-list supporters, on both sides, have had a tense night

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As the US awaits results of the 2020 presidential election, people across the country – and world – have had a tense night. Many stayed up very late, or all night, to anxiously watch the results and people, including plenty of celebrities, have also taken to Twitter to voice their tension.

Click though the gallery above to see which celebrities are supporting US President Donald Trump and those backing Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Kirstie Alley, a vocal Trump supporter, has almost live tweeted the election.

Last night, she declared: "I have to go to sleep I really do. I’m hoping to wake up with a new president named Donald ... take the wheel!"

However, she has since woken up and said: "Awoke to strangeness. The problem with mail-in votes is they are ghosts. No proof of anything including being alive, being a resident, or being a citizen. Absentee ballots are not mail-in votes. But we knew that didn’t we? Hope the ghosts don’t win".

Adding: "Does anybody else have a headache?... rhetorical".

She also referenced the debates she frequently gets into with Trump opponents on the social media platform, writing: "Smack talk probably doesn't effect (sic) the election results but it passes time in a less boring way."

Politically-engaged Lovebirds actor Kumail Nanjiani is a vocal Democrat and has almost been guiding followers through the evening.

"Just to remind you all, there is going to be a red shift in the swing states in the south (from looking blue to looking red) and the opposite in the upper Midwest (from red to blue.) This is because of how mail-in ballots are counted. So don't freak out! Or do! I don't know," he wrote this morning, which would have been the middle of the night in the US.

Of the time, he joked: "What time is it? It feels like a million o'clock".

Singer John Legend announced that he would be voting for Joe Biden, and took aim at the speech Trump made at 2am in Washington DC, prematurely declaring victory.

He also referenced the 2018 midterm elections in a tweet:

On November 2, Legend joined rapper Common to perform ahead of remarks by Democratic US vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John Legend and rapper Common perform ahead of remarks by Democratic U.S. vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 2, 2020. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
John Legend and rapper Common on stage ahead of remarks by Democratic U.S. vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 2, 2020. Reuters

Rapper Kanye West, who was running his own independent presidential campaign, magnanimously accepted that he was out of the race in the early hours of the morning.

He tweeted a photo of the US map lit in red and blue, to indicate Republican or Democratic wins, with the concise caption: "Kanye 2024".

From the UK, a number of comedians have tweeted their observations of the presidential race.

Irish comic and This Way Up star Aisling Bea wrote: "One good thing about the US election is that it's getting everyone back on Twitter debating and arguing again."

Meanwhile, comedian David Baddiel tried to offer a solution to the close call, writing: "Maybe they should just declare it a tie and co-president. Can't see a problem with that."