UAE Pavilion's reassembly on Saadiyat Island

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The UAE's national pavilion from Shanghai Expo 2010 is being used to host

this year (November 16-19), and this hazy snap gives some idea of how the reconstruction job is coming along.

Events for the art fair will be divided between the pavilion and the exhibition space,

, opposite.

A space designed by Foster+Partners, the dune influence on the exterior should be obvious, with gold-coloured stainless steel plates used to form its undulating shape.

Once completed, the dunes will protect from the direct glare that would make looking at the building somewhat uncomfortable. It is, however, fitted out with louvers that allow indirect light to pass through and creating shimmering shafts of sun inside. (Excellent architectural critique of the building at


It originally held a series of exhibits that showed how UAE society has adapted to the punishing climate of the region, as well as a look at how this culture emerged into modernity.

Bringing the site over from Shanghai has taken some planning. Chinese contractors dismantled it under strict instructions from Foster+Partners, before it was packed on to

and the reconstruction started - jigsaw-style - on Saadiyat.

Always good to see impressive, costly projects like this live on and keep evolving.