Room for a change: how to switch up your bathroom’s design

Give your bathroom a much-needed makeover with these tips.

1. Display artwork. Courtesy NBB Design
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Bathrooms seldom get the attention they deserve. While many of us will invest in revamping the other rooms in our home, bathrooms are often left looking sterile and uninspiring. While those living in rented accommodation are unlikely to want to bear the expense of replacing sanitaryware or fixtures and fittings, there are other, less-­expensive ways to give your master and guest bathrooms a makeover. Introducing colour, textiles, personal accessories and even artwork will go a long way in creating a more intimate space. Here, Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari of NBB Designs offers tips on introducing a more dynamic design aesthetic in your bathroom:

Display artwork

The bathroom is often overlooked as a place to display artwork, despite it being a room that guests use frequently. At home, I placed my favourite sculpture in the downstairs cloakroom, alongside other pieces, where guests can truly appreciate them. The right piece of art can elevate the mood of a room, and because bathrooms are smaller spaces, a single piece of art can make a big difference and set the tone for a room. My top tip is to use a recessed shelving unit on a bathroom wall to create a subtle gallery feel. Not only is it great storage, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

Showcase personal accessories

I often suggest that clients select accessories such as necklaces and other costume jewellery to be displayed on one wall in the bathroom. Not only is this a great use of space and storage, but it also means that items are easily accessible and can be appreciated on a daily basis. Remember, you don’t have to be restricted by traditional bathroom storage if you don’t want to be.

Use walls to create statements

Blank and plain walls are banished throughout NBB Design’s portfolio of projects, replaced instead with interesting finishes. Don’t be afraid to use texture and fabrics in the bathroom. Mirrors can also be used in decorative and clever ways to increase the feeling of space and create interesting reflections.

I treat bathrooms as I would any other room. People tend to go for stark, white, clinical looks, but I believe it’s important to keep a design thread in all rooms to ensure a flow throughout the house.

Add bold splashes of colour

Choosing a neutral colour scheme as a base in a bathroom will ensure that the room feels airy and spacious, but to keep the room exciting and modern, introduce bold pops of colour using paint and fabrics.

Adding colour to your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean painting the walls. I love incorporating colours in different ways, such as using fabrics to upholster the doors, and matching these with the blinds.

Bathrooms are also a great place to experiment if you’re wary about making bold choices in larger rooms. They’re the ideal space to introduce colour as a starting point in the home.

Create a sanctuary

Treat master bedrooms as luxurious living spaces. It’s important to create calming, serene design schemes in master bedrooms to transform the space into a place of retreat and relaxation. In larger bathrooms, add a free-standing bath or shower, along with extra seating, such as a beautiful chair or ottoman, to create an elegant, refined feel.

Adding a combination of lighting solutions, including task lighting with a dimmer option, allows for flexibility, depending on the time of day, function required or mood you wish to create. To emulate the ultimate spa experience, add scented candles for a soft and tranquil ambience.

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