Not quite the leader of the pack

Alpha & Omega 3D is hardly the worst animation but it is likely to get lost in the wave of superior competitors.

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Directors: Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck.

Starring (voices of): Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Danny Glover, Dennis Hopper

The former Disney animator Richard Rich produces this 3D, CG-animated movie for another studio, Crest Animation. The Hollywood actor Justin Long provides the voice of Humphrey, a wolf content with his low position within his pack (as an "Omega" wolf), but in love with Kate (voiced by the Heroes actress Hayden Panettierre), an "Alpha" wolf who is high up within the pack because of her position as the daughter of the pack leader (Danny Glover).

The pair are forced to work together when they are captured by a park ranger, and find themselves joined in their struggle for survival despite their differing status. Despite Rich's connection to animation's zenith, Alpha and Omega has very little to distinguish itself from the big-name animated movies audiences have witnessed this summer, or even this month (with the far superior Legend of The Guardians released just a couple of weeks ago).

The animation, coupled with a jarring use of 3D, makes for a visually unspectacular film that feels very similar to others that have come before it. Long is a capable lead, bringing some personality to the character of Humphrey, but the rest feel unenthusiastic, including a final film appearance from Dennis Hopper. Hardly the worst animation you'll see, but likely to get lost in the wave of superior competitors currently flooding the genre.