Model flushed with pride to wear toilet seat cover couture.

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Pushing the boundaries of style and hygiene, high-fashion contortion model LouLou von Brochwitz reveals all about being the face of Toletta's latest product

Loulou von Brochwitz

LouLou, why do you think you were a natural choice for Toletta's toilet-seat covers campaign?  I like unusual projects! It's easy to be a glamorous 'spokes-model' for a perfume, for example, but a challenge to represent a rather plain product in a voguish way. I always like to accept a dare! Besides, I feel flattered that Toletta picked me to represent their trendy and special product.

How did the jacket and shorts feel to wear, and describe how they were made?Surprisingly, there was no difference in the feel between these items and regular garments. The outfit was created from 864 toilet paper seat covers, which are each made from three-ply toilet paper. The outfit took more than one week to complete.

Did you get to keep the outfit afterwards? If not, what happened to the pieces? No, I just flushed them away! As you are supposed to – straight down the toilet!

What are your top tips for people using Toletta covers?  Do not use them only as toilet seat covers, but consider them also as fabric for your next Red Carpet outfit.

What locations might they be especially handy for?  I would say, have your Toletta within reach when you are visiting your best friends place that tends to be a bit scruffy….

You are well known for your love of mathematics, so which do you prefer? Modeling or crunching numbers? I do love math over all! Mathematics is my passion. But modeling is a very creative way to express yourself and to communicate with the non-mathematic, earthly world. Thus I need both for a fulfilled life!


Toletta products are now available in Dubai UAE at all major Enoc/Eppco and Emarat petrol stations as well as all Dubai Metro Stations.

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