Leaning tower of Abu Dhabi

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Capital Gate

building, which will lean 18 degrees out over Khaleej al Araby street when it is completed, has reached its half-way point at 100 metres. According to the developers, the tower will lean 14 degrees more than the leaning tower of Pisa. The whole building will be about 35 stories. On the 18th floor, will be a tea lounge and swimming pool.

Photo courtesy of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Here is a brief engineering description from the company:

"Because of its unique posture, the 35-storey Capital Gate is being constructed on top of a 2 metre deep concrete raft with an incredibly dense mesh of reinforced steel. The extraordinary steel exoskeleton known as the 'diagrid' sits above an extensive distribution of 490 piles that have been drilled 30 metres underground to accommodate the gravitational, wind and seismic pressures. The design of the central core, which slants in opposite direction to the lean of the building, straightening as it grows, has never been attempted before."

The building, which is part of the expansion of the

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

, will house a five-star


hotel with 200 hotel rooms.

Here's the full release:

Capital Gate press release.doc