Kim Kardashian hits the Twitter panic button

Britney Spears's martial arts, Larry King's travels, Kelly Osbourne's embarrassment, Conan O'Brien's viewing habits, and Russell Brand's "actoring"

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  • "Hope you guys love it as much as I do. If you didn't I'll kung fu kick you like I did to that chick in the video." We like the way Britney Spears works. Incidentally, we love the video for her new single, Hold It Against Me. February 17.
  • "In Toronto for business meetings. If you've never been here it's one of nicest, most beautiful cities in the world. Great restaurants too!" Good to see Larry King enjoying his retirement. February 18.
  • "They almost had me in trears at the airport im mean no one whats their pic taken when you are tired and have no make up on!" An emotional Kelly Osbourne rants about having her photo taken shortly after landing at LAX airport earlier this week. February 19.
  • "Just saw Gnomeo & Juliet. Probably should've taken the kids." In hindsight, Conan O'Brien, we think your long-suffering children probably agree. February 20.
  • "My twitter has been hacked! Twitter help!!!! I can sign on from my phone app but no where else and see some fake tweets here!" OMG, Kim Kardashian, whatever shall we do?!!!! February 22.
  • "I am presenting an Oscar. I shall also choose the recipient. At last my work as Aldous Snow will be honoured, for best actor-ing." As good as your performance in Get Him to the Greek was, Russell Brand, we're not sure we can see that happening. Feb 22.