Is George Wassouf married to Nada Zeidan?

Qatari driver Nada Zeidan. AFP
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The question on everyone’s lips this week is “Are George Wassouf and Nada Zeidan really married?”

The website for Lebanon's Future Network television says that Zeidan confirmed the news at a press conference. "George is my husband, and we have been together for a while," she stated. "We live together and I accompany him on his travels and tours."

Zeidan, who has made her name as a rally driver and taekwondo champion, added that the marriage took place three months ago, and that she had been formally introduced to George’s friends and family.

Why then, has Wassouf's son vehemently denied that a union has taken place? Albawaba entertainment stated that George Jr reportedly said: "This news is not true one bit, and it is mere rumours written in the press, whose aim is mere amusement and creating gossip."

Also, we haven’t heard that he has divorced his wife Shalimar yet. We are going to sit tight on this one until Wassouf makes a statement.