Five who made the leap from pop to big screen

As Justin Bieber's documentary Never Say Never comes to the UAE, a look at five famous pop music acts who have gravitated to making movies.

Bieber at the Grammy Awards.
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The Justin Bieber documentary Never Say Never opens this week in the UAE. Here are five other pop acts who made the leap on to the big screen.

Take one . . . The Beatles

The band leave their Liverpool homes for London to play in a television broadcast. Filmed in 1964 during the heady days of Beatlemania, A Hard Day's Night contains the famous opening scene in which John, Paul, George and Ringo are chased down the street by frenzied fans.

Take two . . . The Monkees

Filmed after their TV series was cancelled, 1968's Head begins with the group walking out of a bridge-naming ceremony in search of adventure through song and spoofs of other film genres. The lyrics of the opening song sum up the film best: We hope you like our story/Although there isn't one.

Take three . . . The Spice Girls

In 1997's Spice World, the British girl group jump in their double-decker Spice Bus and encounter aliens, visit a haunted castle and reflect in a maternity ward before getting down to the serious business of performing at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Take four . . . Miley Cyrus

In The Best of Both Worlds in 2008, Cyrus does double the work, performing as herself and her television alter-ego Hannah Montana. The concert film also shows action from backstage and concert rehearsals.

Take five . . . The Jonas Brothers

The JBros' 2009 The 3D Concert Experience documents the group's world tour with concert footage and behind-the-scenes moments showing the siblings' wholesome banter. The trio collectively earned a 2009 Razzie Award for worst acting.