Dubai-based duo's Austrian outing

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Pleased to see that Rokni and Ramin Haerizadeh - two Iranian artists who've been holed up in Dubai for the past couple of years - have put together a fine-looking show at Galerie Krinzinger's Projekte space in Vienna.

Rather than showing their own works, they've managed to track down some of the best young talent that Tehran has to offer. Good to see new names and new ideas coming out of Iran - and giving the pool of contemporary Iranian art a good stir.

Another Dubai-based artist, Hesam Rahmanian, features with a series of neon pieces that bring certain Keith Haring sensibilities to Iran's leadership - specifically Mr Ahmadinejad, whose haloed thighs beam with yellow light from the gallery's walls.

Also glad to see that

Niyaz Azadikhah is making an inway into Europe. Her daring animations - including one that depicts the women in chador who try to flog lingerie on the Tehran underground - were shown in Dubai earlier this year and take defiant pop shots at the often strange world that underpins life in Iran.

The rest of the show features pieces by Javad Azimi, Shirin Fakhim, 

Mona Hakimi-Schueler, Farrokh Mahdavi and Sepideh Saii. The show goes on until November 19. Read more here.