David Guetta is back for another serving of hits

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When the French house producer David Guetta released Nothing But the Beat last August, it heralded another six-month phase of nearly back-to-back hits and endless radio play.

While the album was a mammoth two-disc set, one knew the vocal-driven tunes on disc one were the gold while the instrumental second part seemed an attempt to convince the dance community that he was still “underground".

Now Guetta is back with a rebooted version of the album. Nothing But the Beat 2.0 keeps the original hits and adds six more new tracks.

The new single She Wolf continues Guetta's inspiring collaboration with the Australian singer-songwriter Sia. It just works, her dramatic vocals doubled with Guetta's head-rushing beats leave one feeling slightly giddy at the end.

Every Chance We Get We Run features a fine guest performance by the indie-rock darlings Tegan and Sara

The Ne-Yo and Akon hook-up on Play Hard falls flat, however. Guetta fails to gel them together. Instead the resulting track sounds two completely different songs hammered into one.

Nothing But the Beat 2.0 is not exactly another Guetta cash grab. While it is no major artistic leap, it again shows why the Frenchman is much loved: he simply gives his fans what they want.