Arab tourists catered for at WB Movie World, Australia

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Movie buffs and thrill-seekers listen up! Hollywood can now be found on the Gold Coast of Australia. Best of all, Movie World by Warner Bros caters to Arab tourists better than most foreign theme parks. Not only are the pamphlet guides available in Arabic, the restaurants serve halal food and there are prayer rooms on-site.

Wild West ride - WB Movie World

Top rated rides:

Loudest screams – Superman Escape

You’ll travel from zero to 100km an hour in just two seconds on WB’s most powerful rollercoaster. Not for the faint-hearted, definitely for fans of Clark Kent.

Wettest clothes – Wild West Falls

Hold onto your hat cowboys and cowgirls! This is one of the park’s scariest high-speed rides. After journeying past Indian reservations and ghost towns you’ll find yourself at the top of a sharp drop into a rocky canyon. As the log flume plummets into the ravine below you’re guaranteed to come to a watery end.

Following a drenching on the Wild West ride visitors dry off for AUD$5 at WB Movie World

Biggest gasps – Hollywood driver

From the smell of burning rubber to the heat from the pyrotechnics and hundreds of near-miss crashes; WB’s Hollywood stunt drivers have to be seen to be believed.

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