Ali Suliman joins Kanye's posse

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Today in Cannes, music's 'Mr Shy', Kanye West, will be unveiling his latest film project, Cruel Summer, described by the man himself as an "immersive seven-screen experience for the eyes and ears and unlike anything West has attempted before".

Put more simply (and slightly less bombastically), it is thought to be similar to his rather good 30-minute arthouse film from 2010, Runaway, which was launched in the build up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

But Cruel Summer does have an extremely interesting element to it. For starters, it was filmed in Doha and also has Palestinian actor Ali Suliman in it.

Everyone is being pretty tight-lipped about the project (trust me, I've tried to speak to practically every person involved), but from what we've heard it was shot last month in Education City, on the outskirts of Doha, with the help of the Doha Film Institute.

From the promotional material, it says Cruel Summer is a "fusion of short film and art installation", that is inspired by the new album from G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye's record) album of the same name.

Alongside Ali Suliman (The Last Friday, Paradise Now, practically every Palestinian film made in the past five years), Cruel Summer also features the acting talents of Razane Jammal (who is in Image Nation's upcoming horror, Djinn) and has a special appearance from Kuwaiti acting veteran Hayat Al Fahad.

Sound interesting? Sound unlike anything Kanye has done before?

Actually, it does. Just don't go telling Mr West. Wouldn't want him to get a big head now.