5 things to know about the PlayStation 5 ahead of its November release

Sound, controllers, pricing, here's what we know ...

Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in November. Courtesy: Sony
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Between Microsoft and Sony, the drums of the next-gen console wars are sounding. After months of drip-feed reveals of design and features, we finally have a release date for Sony's PlayStation 5.

The next-gen console (well, consoles, but we’ll get to that later) will be launched on Thursday, November 12 in the US and a few other select markets before globally releasing a week later. So it's likely to hit shelves in the UAE around Thursday, November 19.

5 things to know about the PlayStation 5:

1. There are actually two versions

Needless to say, Sony’s next iteration of the popular video game console – with its custom eight-core processor and graphics engine – is the most powerful yet.

But there will actually be two versions of the console: one with a disc drive, and one without. And while the sculpted design is largely the same, the one without a disc drive, dubbed the Digital Edition, will have a slimmer base.

The Xbox recently unveiled two similar models – the Series X and the Series S – for its upcoming release. But while Xbox's Series S will not be able to match the visuals of its bigger (and bulkier) sibling, both editions of the PS5 will feature the ability to play 4K graphics at up to 120 frames per second.

2. They will be competitively priced

The PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition are priced similarly to their Microsoft counterparts.

The standard PS5 is set to retail for $500 (Dh1,836), whereas the Digital Edition will sell for $100 less, going for $400 (Dh1,470).

3. The PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games

One issue with upgrading your video game console means that your collection of older games are often rendered obsolete. This won’t be the case this time around.

According to Sony, your PS4 games will be perfectly usable on the PS5. You’ll be able to transfer most of your games to your new console and in most cases, enjoy an increased frame rate.

However, if you’re considering making use of your PS4 games, it's worth paying a bit more for the PS5 with the disc drive.

4. They will have 3D audio

As impressive as the 4K graphics of the upcoming PlayStation are going to be, the audio capabilities are no less exciting. Sony has previously claimed that the PS5’s new 3D audio engine will set a freshly high standard for video game audio.

Dubbed ‘The Tempest’, the engine, Sony says, will allow players to “hear individual raindrops” rather than just a constant sound of rainfall. How zen.

However, to make the most out of the feature, gamers might have to upload photos of their ears so the right Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) setting is chosen.

But even if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, the PS5 will offer five different HRTF presets at launch for players to choose from. The presets were made based on data collected from about 100 people.

5. New DualSense Controller

The new wireless controller will be based on the current DualShock controller, but with a number of new modifications. Its adaptive triggers are equipped with haptic feedback that alter resistance based on what’s happening in the game, taking into account whether you’re driving a car through the mud or drawing an arrow from a bow.

The DualSense controller will also be equipped with a built-in microphone, allowing gamers to speak to each other without the need for a headset.

The DualShock’s share button has also been swapped out for a create button, which offers expanded functionality.

However, the added features will also mean a bump in the controller's price, which is reported to be going for $70 (Dh257).