5 minutes with Esther Eden

Esther Eden. Courtesy Esther Eden
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Dubai based singer and songwriter Esther Eden scored any aspiring musician’s dream. The 17-year-old recently landed a major record label deal, having being signed by Universal Music. “Being signed was amazing and we are still trying to cope with the feedback we have received after the announcement was made,” she says. “Universal Music is home to big names such as Jessie J and Amy Winehouse – both of whom I love. I would like to mention that besides being a major label, they are really genuine people and we have shared a wonderful chemistry from the start.” Eden speaks to us about her music inspirations.

My first musical memory was mum playing José Feliciano in the car or making me sing a duet with her, the Carpenters song Sing a Song. It was tedious to be a child of a singer - she either sang all the time or took me to shows where she was singing and I was always on the sidelines!!

The first two albums I bought were High School Musical 1 and High School Musical 2, and I don't think it had anything to do with music. I had, sorry, have, an obsession with Zac Efron. Please forgive me but he is really good looking and I am but a regular teen. He still gives me goosebumps

My first ever live set was at an open mic night where I won the competition and was whisked away to be on Spice Radio the very same evening. It was a flurry of excitement and, within a few minutes, my version of Scientist and Fix You was broadcast to the UAE.

My live shows now are changing. They get longer and better. I have a lot more material now than I had a year ago and people have gotten used to my mellow sound. I enjoy interacting with the audience and my sense of humour helps me get by.

My favourite musician is whichever one speaks to me at a given point. I love Nina Simone's gritty and honest sound, Etta James's powerful voice, Ray Charles's humour, Ed Sheeran's lyrics, Jessie J's voice, which should have been an instrument, Michael Bublé's depth, James Bay's unassuming voice and, of course, Amy Winehouse's genius.

A song I wish I wrote would be Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Brilliant lyrics and amazing music video. The only thing I would change is the lady in the video. It would definitely be me dancing with Ed Sheeran.

To know more about Esther Eden, go to www.facebook.com/estheredenmusic