Want to learn oud, calligraphy or embroidery? Abu Dhabi museums and galleries start online courses

The classes will provide a virtual platform for the workshops normally offered in arts centres across the capital

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - April 8: Khaled Al-Saai’i, Arabic calligrapher and painter, giving a calligraphy demonstration in the Calligraphers’ Studio at the Sharjah Museum for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy, in Sharjah on April 8, 2008. (Randi Sokoloff / The National)

If you're still feeling the need to pick up a hobby during the pandemic, a series of new online classes being launched in conjunction with some of Abu Dhabi's leading creative institutions is a good place to start.

The new series of online courses, launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, aims to introduce audiences to practices including experimental painting, Arabic calligraphy and pottery.

The project is intended to provide a virtual platform for the workshops and classes normally offered in arts centres across the capital.

The classes, which typically run for four weeks and cost from Dh200, will be interactive and held on Zoom, enabling participants to work on projects, share ideas, and improve their artistic practices.

They have been developed in collaboration with Berklee Abu Dhabi, Manarat Al Saadiyat’s Art Studio, the Cultural Foundation’s Al Marsam Al Hor and Bait al Khatt, as well as Al Qattara Arts Centre and Bait Al Oud, and will begin on Monday, July 13.

Participants across all ages and abilities can join the classes, and they will be held in English and in Arabic.A team of artists and educators from cultural agencies across the city will lead the courses. .

Some of the courses being offered include Clay Handbuilding, a pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel; Storytelling Through Art, which prompts participants to turn popular children’s stories into fun art activities; as well as music lessons covering piano, oud, voice as well as theory.

There will also be courses that explore art history, teaching some of the major artistic movements including Surrealism, Pointillism and Pop Art. A course on Sensorial Arts will have children engage in introductory art activities with a focus on texture, colour, and experimentation.

For full course information, dates and fees, and to register, please visit www.abudhabiculture.ae.

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