The Bold and the Beautiful’s UAE episodes screen in the US

We recap the first two UAE-set episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, which screened very recently in the US.
Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont on the first day of filming in Dubai. Sean Smith / JPI Studios
Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont on the first day of filming in Dubai. Sean Smith / JPI Studios

It seems like only yesterday that the UAE’s sizeable Bold and the Beautiful fan base was in a frenzy over the news that the cast were in the country shooting scenes for a two-week marathon of shows that would take in the sights and sounds of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, a wedding, the biggest stunt in the show’s history and, probably, a spot of shopping, as is incumbent on all visitors to the UAE.

Amazingly, the episodes are already screening in the United States – the first was broadcast on Friday and the last one is set to screen on June 6 – although viewers here will have to wait until next year for the episodes to hit Dubai One.

At the time of writing, only the first two shows had been made available online; nonetheless, it’s probably only fair to issue a spoiler alert before we take a look at what the producers and cast were up to during their March visit.

Friday’s episode is where it all begins, with the businessman and ubiquitous soap baddy Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) whisking his fiancée Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) off for a surprise wedding in the UAE. Brooke’s former husband Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is not happy about it, we soon learn. Much of the episode sees our betrothed heroes on board a private jet, where Brooke is reading her guide books. She’s awestruck at the prospect of 300-metre sand dunes (which Bill notes you can ski down), amazing architecture and an Arabian wildlife park.

Bill is on message with the tourist-brochure vibe, too, and highlights the “miles and miles of white sand and turquoise water”, skydiving, jet skiing and, of course, shopping opportunities that await the love-struck couple. Brooke even suggests camping in the desert, but Bill is probably thinking of his wallet when he notes that they’ll be staying in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Finally, the plane arrives in UAE airspace and we’re treated to an aerial montage of some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. The Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Palm and Sheikh Zayed Road skyline are all represented as the pair coo and point before finally touching down and heading to Atlantis. Abu Dhabi, as Bill reminded Brooke on the plane, is the second destination on their itinerary.

The next morning, all is calm in the pair’s suite and the romance is tangible when Bill breathlessly tells Brooke: “This suite is one of the largest in the world. It stretches all the way from the East Tower to the West Tower.”

Bill’s not done with the trivia yet, either, and takes it upon himself to educate his sweetheart on the nature of their temporary home: “So let me tell you where we are, OK,” he says endearingly. “This is the tip of Palm Jumeirah, OK? Now, not only is it the most beautiful island in the world, but it’s constructed entirely of rock and sand from the ocean floor. Isn’t that amazing?”

I’m beginning to see why Brooke fell for this smooth-talker and the charm offensive has obviously worked when she replies, wide-eyed: “And it’s in the shape of a palm tree. There’s luxury hotels, there’s great restaurants, there’s a marina and there’s shopping.”

We’re treated to some more nice shots as the pair take a stroll round Atlantis’s grounds. Back in Los Angeles, however, all is not running so smoothly. Brooke’s jealous ex, Ridge, is rapidly turning into a seething, raging beast and we already know he was here for the shoot, so it looks like we can still expect a dramatic stand-off, some Abu Dhabi action and that much-hyped stunt, not to mention the wedding that the producers have assured us will happen, albeit with a caveat: who will marry whom?

I’m prepared to stake my reputation on Bill and Ridge not ending up as the happy couple.

Published: May 28, 2014 04:00 AM


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