'The Simpsons' makes more accurate predictions – foreseeing details about Biden-Harris inauguration

'Did we predict future again?' asks 'The Simpsons' animator and director David Silverman

Did 'The Simpsons' predict the future with Vice President Kamala Harris's inauguration outfit, and the Biden-Harris partnership? 
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The Simpsons has a track record when it comes to predicting the future. The animated series correctly foresaw a Donald Trump presidency way back in 2000, not to mention a number of Super Bowl outcomes and Fifa corruption scandals over the years.

With an archive of 32 seasons and almost 700 episodes, writers were bound to strike right every so often, but recent political news has seen them land closer than ever. The show appears to have predicted Kamala Harris and Joe Biden as running mates, and also Vice President Harris's inauguration day outfit – even down to the accessories.

Did 'The Simpsons' predict Vice President Kamala Harris's inauguration day outfit? AP, The Simpsons 
Did 'The Simpsons' predict Vice President Kamala Harris's inauguration day outfit? AP, The Simpsons 

In an episode that premiered in March 2000, Bart to the Future, Lisa Simpson is the newly elected president.

As she tackles her first speech, she is wearing an outfit that's remarkably similar to Vice President Harris's Inauguration Day look, which featured a purple coat by Christopher John Rogers over a purple top by Sergio Hudson, paired with a pearl necklace.

Incidentally, it's the same episode that predicted a Trump presidency.

In the Oval Office, Lisa is seen speaking to advisers, when she says: "We inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump."

In 2016, when Trump was elected, the self-referencing show's recurring chalkboard joke read, "Being right sucks," a week after the election.

Meena Harris, the vice president's niece, included the apparent prediction in her round-up of "things [she's] still not over" on Instagram, along with Harris's double fist bump with former president Barack Obama at the inauguration, and Michelle Obama pointing at the vice president.

However, that is not the only prediction the show seems to have made when it comes to the new administration.

This week, The Simpsons animator and director David Silverman brought attention to another apparent political prediction.

The West Wing Story song was posted online in August 2019 – a spoof of the song from West Side Story – and shows president Trump in a sing-off against Democratic members of the US House of Representatives, including Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley.

At the end of the clip, all of the Democratic candidates come into the song, with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden dancing the can-can beside each other, long before they become running mates.

"I set up this kick line for ending. Just happened to put then-candidates Biden & Harris together," Silverman wrote on Twitter. Before directing a question to The Simpsons producer and writer, Al Jean: "Did we predict future again?"


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