Adel Karam returns to Netflix in new Arabic language series 'Dollar'

Comedian turns to drama following his 2018 stand-up special

Adel Karam and Amal Bouchoucha in 'Dollar'. Courtesy Netflix 
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Lebanese comedian Adel Karam is set to return to Netflix in the newly acquired series Dollar.

Karam first appeared on the platform in his own stand up special, Netflix's very first original Arabic programming, in early 2018. This time around, he'll be adopting a more serious tone to star in a "fast-paced action-packed drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat." Dollar is set in modern day Lebanon and co-stars Algerian/Lebanese actress, Amal Bouchoucha.

The series will tell the story of advertising mastermind, Tarek (Karam), who is tasked with coming up with a million-dollar idea for the launch of a new bank. He’s got it, but will only share his idea with the CEO. Something’s off, and the bank’s hard-hitting young CFO, Zeina (Bouchoucha), can sense it. But can she put the pieces of the puzzle together before things get out of hand?

Adel Karam and Amal Bouchoucha in 'Dollar'. Courtesy Netflix
Adel Karam and Amal Bouchoucha in 'Dollar'. Courtesy Netflix

The 15-episode run is directed by Syrian director, Samer Berkawi, the man behind award-winning hit shows including Al Hayba and Half Day. The show is produced by Beirut's Cedars Art Production, and written by Hisham Hilal.

Talking about his second collaboration with Netflix, the director Samer Berkawi said, “I’m confident that the show will appeal to Netflix’s audiences worldwide. This project is an exciting one, bringing together themes of suspense and drama that showcase Amal Bouchoucha’s onscreen talents, as well as Adel Karam’s versatility beyond the comedy that he is known and loved for.”

Dollar will be streaming on Netflix from August 8, subtitled in 20 languages to 148 million members in over 190 countries. It will be designated as a Netflix Original in markets where Netflix is the first to show it.

Netflix also has two genuine Arabic Originals in production following the already-streaming supernatural teen drama Jinn, and the previously-announced Al Rawabi School for Girls and Paranormal, both of which will launch later this year.