Netflix Tudum: unseen 'Squid Game' footage revealed at fan event

The streaming platform also aired trailers for 'Money Heist: Korea' and the latest season of 'Hellbound'

Squid Game. Courtesy Netflix
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Fans of Squid Game were treated to unseen footage of the hit show at the launch of Netflix Tudum in South Korea.

The scene was presented “as a gift" to audiences for their support, said director Hwang Dong-hyuk. Tudum is the streaming platform's annual showcase, which is similar to Comic-Con events or Disney's recent expo event, where announcements, panels and trailers for new shows and films are presented.

In the footage, a man carries goldfish in a bag as he walks down a dark corridor and enters a room.

After pouring the fish into a bowl, the camera pans to the man’s face while outside the building another figure is watching the window of the room he is in.

According to the entertainment company, the clip reveals the identity of lead villain The Front Man. Netflix said the footage “unveils the man behind the survival game” of the most-watched show.

Netflix Tudum: 'Money Heist' and 'Hellbound' teasers

The streaming platform is running the ongoing global event across several of its YouTube channels.

Celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Centineo, Choi Min-ho and Prajakta Koli have signed up to take part.

The South Korean segment was first on the agenda, with India up next. Europe, the US and Latin America follow and a segment in Japan will wrap things up.

In Tudum in South Korea, teasers for Money Heist: Korea, inspired by Alex Pina’s hit show La casa de papel, and Hellbound season two were shown. Romcom Single’s Inferno, starring Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon who were present for the live showcase, was also shown.

Netflix calls the event a “celebration of fandom and is dedicated to sharing the scoop on over 120 fan-favourite shows, films, specials and games from across the globe".

The company confirmed a new season of Squid Game, but there's no confirmed release date.

What fans do know is that Gi-hun and The Front Man will return and that he man in the suit with ddakji might be back.

The show made history earlier this month when Lee Jung-jae, who plays lead character Seong Gi-hoon, won the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor, the first time a Korean actor has won the accolade.

Squid Game also scooped the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series award, the first non-English language drama to win the category.

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Updated: September 24, 2022, 6:34 AM